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There are different techniques used in the advancement of medicine today, and one of them is the Thompson Drop-Table Technique. This technique was discovered by Dr. Clay in 1955 and has been in existence to date. It is a procedure used to relieve pain caused by problems in the bones and joints. Most structures in the body are not easily palpable and, as such, need a unique kind of procedure. For instance, issues that affect the bone are not often very easily treated, especially when the healer does not have sufficient knowledge and equipment to do the job. This is one of the reasons why Dr. Clay invented this healing technique. 

You no longer have to deal with and manage that pain coming from an injury in your bone. With this procedure, you can be free from any form of pain. The procedure has given several persons a second chance at living. Pain is asymptomatic and, as such, has no symptoms and can be related to different kinds of ailments, depending on which part of the body it is coming from. 

How to Use the Thompson Table Technique 

The body is divided into systems, and as such, it is further divided into sections. This makes it possible to use thompson table chiropractic technique as the table is in segments and can be adjusted to ensure proper evaluation and treatment. This gives it more advantage than most techniques and provides immediate relief to the patient in no time. 

This procedure requires the use of cervical drop piece table that is easily adjustable and segmented to give balance and comfort to the patient while ensuring they are appropriately evaluated and monitored. It has another quality which is the ability to determine an imbalance in structures. The patient has to lie in a pronated position. This ensures the doctor performs all the necessary evaluations possible. Also, professionals can use it for performing other kinds of tests like palpitations.

The chiropractic traction table is designed to keep the patient stable without causing the patient pain and discomfort. After one or two adjustments, the patient gets immediate relief of pain though It all depends on their case. This procedure has not just relieved pain but has also restored movements and other symptoms. It is a safe and effective way of dealing with forms of pain and disorders around the joints.

How does the Technique Work? 

It is a non-invasive process and doesn’t require surgery. So there’s nothing to worry about. It’s a procedure used for young and old. It is a technique used for both genders(Male or female). It is not an advisable procedure for those who are pregnant or nursing mothers. This technique helps doctors to determine the cause of the pain and as well proffer solutions to them. Body postures, performances are also improved using this technique. 

You are prone to feel extremely tired after undergoing the procedure. This could result from your body going through a process called a toxic release, which could lead to different kinds of reactions, including fatigue, headache, and discomfort. How long will this last? Well, everyone has a different way their body responds to such reactions, but it shouldn’t be an issue nor last for long. It should resolve in no time.


This has been a widely used procedure used in medicine today. It is considered safe and very effective, thereby causing no forms of severe complications. This procedure has improved lives by restoring standard human structure and function.