Windows and window covering are essential parts of any building that require due consideration. It is almost impossible to imagine a residential building without a window, and it underlines the importance of this feature. A window covering is an element used to cover a window for light and ventilation control. Your window covering determines the amount of light that can enter your room, and there are different window covering to choose from.

Shutters are a perfect example of modern window furnishings, and the timber shutter has since gained popularity among homeowners. Also called a wooden plantation shutter, the timber shutter is a versatile window covering that offers outstanding qualities. It is classy and durable and often consists of horizontal rails and vertical stiles. This shutter provides relief from hot summers and cold winters, regulating room temperature all year round.

Timber shutters come in different types or ranges, as they are commonly called. This article will highlight the three main Timber shutter ranges and their primary qualities.

  • Woodlore Shutters

Talk about timber shutters, and Woodlore is undoubtedly the first name to come to mind. Perhaps, it is because of the excellent quality of this shutter. Woodlore shutters are made with unique material, the solid MDF core, which is the reason for its strength and robustness. The shutter is coated with a UV inhibitor that protects against wares and tiers caused by harmful sun rays.

Woodlore is a renowned plantation shutter that is popular for its benefits. Of course, this is why it is a favorite for most homeowners. Woodlore shutters are solid and simple, and they do not crack easily as is common with other materials. What’s more? This outstanding shutter is brilliantly finished and can fit into almost any interior design. It is also very easy to maintain even without disrupting your daily routine.

  • Woodlore Plus Shutters

Woodlore Plus is very similar to the Woodlore shutter. But as the name suggests, it is everything its counterpart is and more. It offers advanced options with upgraded strength and technology while retaining an impressive lightweight. The louvers are also upgraded and are made with ABS, a solid yet flexible material that allows wider panels for better ventilation.  

Woodlore Plus combines all the benefits of its predecessor in a stylish design that does wonders for interiors. It comes in various colors and patterns that create many possibilities for you and your house. It is environmental-friendly, and each material used for both the fabrication and design is safe.

  • Woodlore Plus Waterproof Shutter

Woodlore Plus Waterproof is another amazing Woodlore invention that has sparked interest from many homeowners for its outstanding features. It is also made of solid and durable materials. But it has a unique waterproof feature that makes it remarkable even for wet areas around the home like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. This custom made shutter is extraordinarily light-weighted and can withstand extreme temperature changes.

The Woodlore Waterproof Shutter also comes in a series of solid colors and outstanding designs ideal for interior décor. Here are some other features of the Woodlore Plus Waterproof Shutter.

  • It is made from a light but solid ABS.
  • The panels are fully waterproof, making them ideal for wet areas
  • It is solid enough to withstand bumps and knocks that can happen in busy homes.
  • It is often available in different sizes to fit different homes.
  • The hardware is made of stainless steel that does not rust or corrode easily.


Timber shutters offer several advantages that make them a favorite for many people. However, the benefit you get from your timber shutter depends on the range of your choice. This article has highlighted the shutter ranges and their unique benefits.