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Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, as it is fondly called, involves optimizing your online content to satisfy different needs while ensuring quality in all your work. It helps ensure visibility as the level of SEO determines the number of viewers your content receives.

However, to get the best success from SEO, you need to improve your web content. You can learn more about SEO from seminars and webinars. But there are some actions that you may display in these events that can come off as unprofessional and rude, distracting you from your goal of accumulating knowledge. Hence, this article highlights these unprofessional SEO treatments and tips and guidelines for handling them.

Guidelines on Handling Unprofessional SEO Treatments

Specific guidelines will help you address some unprofessional treatments that appear at SEO events. These guidelines are:

  1. Listening carefully: The knowledge being sought reveals itself to excellent listeners. The unprofessional habit of listening to speakers only when you feel they are sharing opinions inclined to your perspective is wrong. The topic “SEO” is extensive. There are bound to be contrasting opinions; thus, listening to everyone’s opinion with some level of interest is very professional because you might discover some new information. You are expected to listen even if you feel the speaker is saying something incorrect based on your knowledge and views, and while listening, try to understand the speaker’s point of view.
  2. Be courteous when taking notes: Sometimes, you unconsciously take actions that can be considered rude and unprofessional during SEO events, and how you take notes is one of them. If it is an online event like a webinar, you want to ensure you mute your keyboard when taking notes so it does not distract the speaker. Hence, it would help if you were very courteous when taking notes, even in in-person SEO events.
  3. Show courtesy when asking questions or challenging an opinion: We have to disagree to agree. The fact there are different and contrasting opinions adds to the excitement associated with a topic. With this understanding, avoid being unruly or rude when asking questions or challenging an opinion because it is not inclined with your opinion. Ensure to apply courtesy in this situation.
  4. Connect with people you disagree with: The more people disagree on a topic, the more revelations they find about that topic. Hence, ensure to connect with people whose opinions you disagree with via social media or any platform that gives you this opportunity because this provides you the opportunity to learn why they have such opinions.
  5. Give each SEO colleague a fair chance: All the tips and guidelines outlined above are useless if you do not give your SEO colleagues with different opinions a fair chance to convince you with their reasons for having such opinions. In essence, try to keep an open mind at SEO services training events.


The topic “Search Engine Optimisation” is vast, and there are bound to be various opinions. A place where these contrasting opinions can be shared is at SEO training events. However, no matter how much of an SEO expert you are, you cannot know it all. Therefore, these events may present some unprofessional treatments that need to be avoided. This article has highlighted some useful tips and guidelines for avoiding them.