The very thought of gold causes a shiver to run down the spine of individuals like you and I. Interestingly, the gold market has expanded from the physical market to online markets. Yes, trustworthy online markets, for instance, your everyday shopping app, e-bay.

People, just like you, can find bars for sale and buy them on e-bay. And with its Positive Feedback Trader Rating System, you need not be afraid of buying from this marketplace. Everything is secure.

Investing in gold for the future of yourself and your family may be one of the best decisions you would have ever made, as you will realize after reading the top 3 reasons to buy gold. You could also buy gold for the joy of owning some. Read on for more information. 

Top three reasons why you should consider buying gold 

  • Gold is an independent asset

The value of gold is not affected much by the economic cycle. This means that it acts inflation hedge and deflation protection and is not affected by the demand and supply like other commodities. It is not too difficult to understand this independence considering the diversity of its demand and supply base, which leads to fluctuating prices of commodities. 

For other commodities, there is likely to be a typical fall during an economic recession due to the decline in the supply of necessary raw materials needed for their creation. The demand for gold, however, is small and therefore not as susceptible to the vagaries of the general condition of the market. 

  • It holds its value

Unlike paper currency, gold maintains its value through all ages. Right from ancient times, people have shown their appreciation for the value of this precious metal so they want to buy gold. Gold does not corrode or spoil and is unique with a beautiful color. It is sure to hold its own against all types of storage and human eras. 

The value of gold is not only a function of this but also because it can be used as a valid currency worldwide. Although it does not have much purchasing power in its raw form, gold is easily liquidated as any jeweler is ready to buy it from you in any form you present it. Gold is often referred to as a “crisis commodity” because people flee to its safety when world tensions rise. 

  • Portfolio diversification

As the saying goes, do not put all of one’s eggs in one basket; gold is another basket entirely for you to place your eggs safely. Gold is almost unrelated to every other type of investment; therefore, failure in the money market will not affect your gold investment. On top of this, gold rarely, if ever, depreciates. And while it may not be a worthwhile short time investment, over the long run, you are sure to get more than your original value.


Gold is, without a doubt, one of the safest investments out there. Even the Central Banks themselves have a strategic decision to sell and buy gold. These decisions are made in advance and over a long period in a strategic pattern. If this is good enough for them, it tells you that the long-term investment in gold is good for you too. 

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