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There are some normal 3PL warehouse services that are offered to their clients. Services that you normally will get from this type of warehouse is sometimes not enough. Sometimes clients are looking for more than just the normal services that they are getting from 3PL warehouses.

This is why these are some ideas about value-adding services that these types of warehouses can offer. To make sure that their clients are more satisfied and to be able to get value for money. These are some of the ideas on unique value-adding services that third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses can offer.

1) Easy reverse logistics

One thing that we all know is that when it comes to reversed logistics, it is normally a long and hard process. And, there are so many things that need to be done before the logistics can be reversed successfully.

So, this can be a unique feature that normal 3PL warehouses don’t offer. To simplify this reversed logistics. To make returns, refunds and changes in products faster, easier, and just simpler in general. A great option to ensure that you as the warehouse owner is delivering a service that is better than other warehouses.

2) Offer superior packages according to client’s needs

With normal 3PL warehouses, they are just offering normal, cheap packaging. To make sure that the product arrives at their destination without problems. But, they don’t really worry if the client has a special need to consider.

This can be also a great added valued service that other warehouses don’t offer. Offering better packaging according to the client’s needs. To make sure that you take customer service to the next level and to make sure that you offer services like special packaging according to the client, to the next level.

3) Global trade administration

One thing is always true. When it comes to global trade administration, there are only a small amount of warehouses that are ensuring that global products are getting shipped correctly. Most of the time the business owner needs to make use of a separate warehouse for their global stock.

This is something that the 3PL warehouses can consider. Offering global trade administration service to all the businesses. To ensure that businesses are only making use of one warehouse, for national and for global stock and trade administration. If you as a warehouse owner wants to have one of the largest and most successful warehouses, this is the one thing that you need to consider.

4) Better service, and control over warehouse stock

Yes, this is supposing to be included when a client is hiring a 3PL service for storing and sending the stock to clients. However, in general, the service isn’t what it should be because of having too many clients, having too much stock, and to little staff.

The moment that you are concentrating more on better service and control over warehouse stock by making use of better technology and stock control, your warehouse will be successful and offering services that aren’t offered by many other warehouses. Business owners are looking for warehouses that are organized and that are offering the best service and control over your warehouse stock.

These are some unique added services that you as a 3PL warehouse owner or manager can consider. This is to ensure that your warehouse is different, but also offering a much better service than other warehouses. The more features you are offering, the better the warehouse will do. The more clients you will have, the more organize your warehouse stock will be and the more satisfied the clients will be. These are really added services that any warehouse can consider.

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