If you want to do something good for your commercial cleaning business, there is only one thing that you should do. Creating commercial cleaning videos on YouTube. Not only is this something that not many cleaning businesses are doing, but it will also ensure that you are enjoying a couple of other benefits. Benefits that you normally won’t get.

These are some of the most important reasons why creating commercial cleaning videos on YouTube is good for business. And, why this is actually recommended.

1) Freebies are a great way to entice new clients

Giving out freebies that are useful to prospective clients, will help entice them to call upon your services. Not a normal concept, but this is the truth. The moment that people are seeing that you are giving commercial cleaning tips on the internet, they will see the real you.

They will see that you have a passion for your work and that you really can clean hard to clean surfaces, like commercial equipment. And, this will lead to new customers. Give it a test, and you will see that it actually works.

2) Greater exposure

For those that don’t know, YouTube is a form of a search engine like Google, but with videos. So, if you are uploading videos about your cleaning business, it will be found by people.

This means that you gain greater exposure to more people and this can lead to new clients. Something that we all are looking for. More clients are ensuring the success of the business. So, making a great cleaning tip video and ensuring that it has SEO text as well, ensures that you will get more clients. You will be visible on more than one search engine.

3) Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise

Something important to consider. When you are making a commercial cleaning video, you will be able to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in commercial cleaning. Meaning that you will be able to show clients and potential new clients that you really know what you are talking about.

That you will be able to clean their buildings, businesses, and equipment without a problem. This is an advertisement but in the form of a video.

4) Enhance your search engine visibility

As we said before, Google and other search engines love multimedia, particularly videos, and these will help to boost your search engine visibility. The more people are going to watch the video, the higher your rankings will be and the greater your chances for people viewing your office cleaning services, school cleaning services, surgery cleaning services and more. So, for those that are only making use of YouTube to find services, you will be ranked high and will be spotted.

If you are also making use of other search engines like Google, with SEO, you will rank there as well. This means that you will have twice as many views, traffic and your rankings will increase. Ensuring success for your commercial business.

5) Clients will see that money isn’t everything for you

Another thing that you might not know, and wants to consider is to show your clients and potential new clients that money isn’t everything for you. That you really want to help them with cleaning problems that they might have. And, that this is the reason why you are uploading commercial cleaning tips.

Uploading commercial cleaning tips are essential. Especially if you want to make sure that your business is successful and growing. And, if you want to show other people that you are taking your work seriously. Even if this means that you won’t make money out of the video that you have posted. This is what is going to give you more clients, and making your business more successful.