Lemon oil is a natural ingredient that is often used for a variety of remedies. It is an doTTERA essential oil that can be extracted from fresh lemon peel through a cold-pressing process.

Lemon oil can be diluted with other oils or applied as a stand-alone. It can also be inhaled or diffused into the air. The lemon essential oil has been confirmed to be an ingredient that helps with clearer skin, treating depression, reducing inflammation, and fighting bacteria. It can also help you get rid of harmful viruses.

In recent times, the medical world has begun to confirm many claims made by people who swear by the oil’s efficacy. We have compiled some great uses of lemon essential oil in this article; keep reading to discover them.


The lemon essential oil works as an astringent with detoxifying capabilities. The antiseptic properties contained in the oil helps to treat and clear the skin. Lemon oil also helps to minimize excess production of face oil. It has been proven to be effective against bacteria, making it a perfect choice for cleaning the skin. 

Another reason why lemon oil is excellent for skincare is that it contains protective properties, like antioxidants, that can help brighten your skin and maintain your color. When using lemon oil on your skin, you can add a few drops to your cleanser to help get rid of dead skin cells and bacteria.


Lemon oil is also great for cleaning and disinfecting. It is perfect for wiping counters and eliminating mold and dirt from surfaces. When used in cleaning household items, lemon oil naturally disinfects and ensures a great shine on surfaces. To use lemon oil as a disinfectant, soak your cleaning towel in a bowl of water and add some essential oil drops.


Lemon oil helps to enhance positive mood and to boost brainpower. The oil contains properties that can help relieve fatigue and increase energy. Medical experts have concluded that aromatherapy sessions with lemon oil can boost people’s mood and improve their concentration. 

The oil serves as a natural analgesic because it has antidepressant and anti-stress effects that can relieve pain and calm the nerves. You can diffuse it in a room or inhale it if you wish to use lemon oil as a mood booster. 


Lemon oil is an essential oil that contains vitamin C, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. As such, it can promote the faster healing process of infected tissues. 

Lemon oil can also be diluted and used as a cleanser to protect the skin against infection and ensure speedy healing, especially in small cuts, scrapes, or wounds. It should, therefore, be an essential item in your first aid box.


The lemon essential oil contains vitamin C and antioxidant properties to soothe a sore throat and help you breathe easier. It can be used in aromatherapy to calm you and relieve tension in your throat muscles. 

The sweet and tangy scent of lemon oil will uplift you, make you relaxed, and protect you against cold. When next you’re trying your home remedy, you can include lemon oil for its countless benefits.


Lemon oil has useful relaxing properties that will help with anxiety and symptoms of depression. The calming effects of lemon oil are second to none, and its sweet scent is bound to put you in a calm and relaxed mood. 


All the above-listed uses of lemon oil point to the fact that its value is inexhaustible. You can use it for a variety of reasons and in countless ways. This is one of the essential oils that contain amazing healing, calming, protecting, and cleaning properties. 

From home cleaning, skincare, mood-boosting,  and various others, the antioxidants and antibacterial functions make it one of the most sought after essential oil in recent times.