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LED lighting has grown to become quite popular in the 21st century, and many homeowners, builders, and designers now prefer it to other lighting types. The reason for this is not far from its many economic, environmental, and safety benefits. The lighting type is also famous for its wide variety of commercial, industrial, and private purposes. 

Another reason why LED lighting is gaining more popularity is because of the 2018 EU halogen light ban. If you are a homeowner, designer, or agent, there is no better time to switch to LED lights for all your home lighting projects. This article will discuss some essential information you should know about LED lights and the financial benefits of LED festoon lights

What Does LED mean and How do they Work 

LED is an abbreviation that stands for light-emitting diode. They are tiny electrical components referred to as semiconductors that function to produce light anytime electrical goes through them. They differ from halogen and incandescent big bulb lights that produce light when they are heated. They are also different from fluorescent bulbs that produce light from chemical reactions. Among all these lighting options, LED lights have been judged by many professionals and users as the best option. 

Top Benefits of LED Festoon Bulbs 

You stand to gain a lot of benefits when you use LED festoon bulbs for your home lighting projects. These benefits stand the light out from other lighting technologies as a better option for your home, office, and other places. Some of these benefits have been listed below. 

They Last Longer than Other Bulbs 

LED Weston bulbs have proven to be quite durable and enduring. Compared to other lighting technologies like incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs, LEDs are the most durable option. This means that you will not worry about spending too much money on repairing or replacing the light frequently. 

It is estimated that LED festoon lights can last as long as 50,000 hours when adequately used and maintained. This is about 50 times longer than incandescent lights, 20 times longer than halogen lights, and ten times longer than fluorescent lights will last. 

LED Lights are More Environment-Friendly 

Another significant advantage of LED festoon lights over other lighting technologies is that they do not pose much threat to the environment because of their environmentally friendly nature. Considering that LED lights do not consume too much energy, they are not as harmful to the environment as other energy-consuming lighting options. 

LED festoon lights are energy efficient because they do not depend totally on electrical currents to generate light. Instead, they create light mostly from converted energy. This means that they can generate full capacity light currents with lesser power than other lighting options use. Various scientific studies have shown that LED lights use around 80% less energy than other lighting options. 

LED Festoon Lights are very Cost-Effective 

One of the most significant and most relatable advantages of LED lights is that they are very cost-effective.  This is because they consume less electrical energy to produce light; they are more durable and environmentally friendly. This means that installing and maintaining LED lights in your home, office, or other places will save you more money than other lighting options. Studies have shown that LED festoon lights can help you reduce power consumption by an alarming 90%. 


It is no longer news that decorative LED lights are becoming more famous among homeowners, designers, and agents in recent times. This article has discussed some crucial facts about LED festoon lights and their financial benefits.