Although there are different essential oil species, lavender essential oil happens to be the most well-known of the lavender family. Scientifically, lavender is called August folia. Various research also indicates it is one of the herbs that need to be studied to ascertain its full potential.

The moment you mention lavender, what readily comes to mind is that plant that is efficient in healing burns. Surprisingly, only a few people know that there exist over 30 different species of lavender. The beauty of everything is that most of these plants are not 100% lavender oil essentials but share similarities in smell. 

Lavender August folia is the only lavender essential oil that is anti-inflammatory and possesses tons of healing properties. It serves as anti-bacterial, hormone balancing, antimicrobial, histamine blocking, diuretic, anti-fungal and overall body tonic essential oil. Lavender essential oil contains different properties that affect the human body system in various ways. 

Aside from that, it can also be gentle when applied to new baby skin. But you must remember to dilute the content appropriately. If you are using it for a baby within the range of 0 – 2 years, you will need approximately 1 – 3 drops of lavender essential oil, while those that fall within the age bracket of 2 – 3 years will need 50/50 dilution. Here are the top five uses of this amazing essential oil.

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits 


  • Reduce Scar


Irrespective of your skin color, you want to have it look excellent and free from scar, right? But then it is practically impossible to rule out bodily injuries. You may grow up having your skin free from wounds. But then life happens; your “no scar jinx” could be broken through an accident like falling from a bicycle during a picnic outing or scratches from rough surfaces. Lavender essential oil can come in handy in this case.

It is effective in eliminating old and fresh scars from the body. To achieve this, apply it daily on the scar areas on any part of the body. It contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which prevent the scar from forming on the body.


  • Reduces pain

Pain in whatever form is not a good experience. It makes you uncomfortable and disorganized. Lavender essential oil helps in reducing pain that has to do with tension, headaches, and migraines. The procedure is pretty simple. Apply the oil to different body areas such as the neck, temple, ears to relax the muscles in the body, and before you know it, the pain level will drop drastically.


  • Purify the Air 

Sometimes caregivers are always scared of giving adequate attention to people under their watch for fear of contracting the transmissible diseases from a sick patient. Lavender essential oil helps in purifying the environment. As a caregiver, all you need is diffusing it into the room where you have the ill patient. The smell strengthens the immune system of both patients and caregivers.



  • Reduces the rate of high blood pressure


It is highly effective in calming down high blood pressure. A drop or two of lavender essential oil on the wrist can help calm the pulse level of an overexcited individual. You can also add a drop or two if you are experiencing any form of toothache before visiting your dentist. It is effective in relieving pain. 


  • 100% pure lavender essential oil is great internally 

Although dōTERRA essential oil can be used for external and internal purposes, you must be cautious when using it for internal purposes. Only 100% pure essential oil is advisable for internal use in helping your body system function better. Anything less than that can have adverse side effects.


The lavender essential oil has many highly effective properties against all kinds of illness, from pulse control and high blood pressure to air purification and insomnia. Be sure to buy quality essential lavender oil, and you’ll get all these impressive benefits in a heartbeat.