Recent studies have indicated that employment in the commercial cleaning industry will grow by over 5% by the year 2023, which is solid. Cleaning is an industry that enjoys prosperity, regardless of the state of the rest of the economy. This is excellent news for those considering to build their own commercial cleaning empire. Like many other indispensable jobs such as mechanics, electricians, plumbers and so on, the fact remains that any business that is headquartered within an office, warehouse or similar, will need to be cleaned regularly.

While this is music to a commercial cleaner’s ears, what steps are involved in starting your own commercial cleaning operation?

Fortunately, starting your own cleaning business isn’t overly difficult. However, like any business, proper planning is essential to give yourself the greatest chance of success.

The following is a list of top tips for establishing a prosperous commercial cleaning operation.

1) Develop a solid plan

All businesses are destined to fail if there is no plan in place. Firstly, your business plan should detail the specific cleaning services that you’re going to provide, such as office cleaning, educational facility cleaning, carpet cleaning, clinic cleaning and so on. Your business plan must also specify how much you anticipate the startup costs to be and how long you believe it will take until your commercial cleaning business begins to turn a profit. The more detailed and thorough your preliminary planning is, the better your chances of success.

2) Finalise business name and other compulsory business details

Another mandatory aspect of starting your own cleaning operation is to define the corporate structure of your business, which necessitates the finalisation of your business name. Before deciding on a name, it’s important to ensure that it’s not the same or similar to an existing business entity. The same goes for business branding. Establishing a new business whose corporate branding is similar to that of another, will almost certainly land you in legal hot water, which is hardly the way any new business wants to start off. Beyond this, you’ll also need to create a new bank account for your business. Without the proper legal formalities in place, not only will you not be able to do business lawfully, but you won’t be able to recruit employees or subcontractors. As well as routine business maintenance and cleanliness, employing a commercial cleaner is also an effective method for maximising the sale value of your property.

3) Obtain necessary business insurance

The fact is, commercial cleaners are often required to clean in and around expensive equipment, so as the business owner, you will need to ensure that they have personal liability insurance to protect them from any legal challenges that may result from accidental damage to a client’s business assets. Additionally, they will need to be covered by personal accident and illness insurance, to help cover the costs of medical expenses. This is particularly important in an industry such as commercial cleaning, where it is not uncommon for staff to accidentally fall due to slippery surfaces that have resulted from the cleaning products.

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