There are many jobs that would appear redundant to hold within a country like Australia, or even a city like Sydney, within Australia. A snow plower, for instance, would make no income in a city that for the most part, sees no snow. Not even in the depths of winter. A tree arborist, however, is not one of them. With big, beautiful old trees such as Gum trees, Oaks and Chinese Elm trees, tree arborists really have their work cut out for them (pun intended) in terms of making sure these almighty trees can exist without compromising the safety of the population, alongside the sprawl and increase of urban development. 

Tree services Sydney are widely used and integral to a city that accommodates many a beautiful old tree. Hosting trees with proportionately large branches carries risks that a tree arborist is qualified to reduce by tending to these trees and making sure that any branches or trunks that are becoming unstable at their roots are cut down immediately. 

One of these majestic old Gum Trees resides next to the property of my best friend. The foliage and shade it provides her family is an aspect of their home that she has always loved, and been reluctant to change whilst it seemed to pose no threat to her house or family.

Her reluctance vanished however, the night that a branch (aptly named ‘widow maker’) broke free from the trunk and fell onto (and subsequently into) the roof of her house.  The crash was deafening, and it was very lucky that the damage was only to the roof, and did not penetrate through the ceiling. SES was called that night to assess the damage and attend to the immediate danger it caused. After that, it was up to tree services Sydney to trim the tree down  – with council permission. 

Widow Makers have proved fatal to many who have possessed the misfortune to be standing, or residing in houses underneath them, hence the name these branches have been given. Tree services Sydney are therefore paramount to this city and any other where these beautiful, albeit humungous trees grow. Their line of work is incredibly specialised and fraught with risk. An occupation that requires a lot of training before they are properly equipped to tackle the job safely. 

There will never be a time that a tree arborist finds themselves without work. They are an integral part of the tapestry of a city like Sydney, which showcases the best of both urban development and the vastness and sacredness of nature, and how they can, indeed, co-exist.