If you are looking for a way to bring some aesthetics to the ambiance of your home, yard, or surroundings, especially at night, then LED rope lights are the perfect solution for you. Considering that evenings are becoming warmer, you might want to spend some fun with your loved ones outside in the night, perhaps watching a movie, making barbeque, etc. If this is the case for you, you will need some lights to brighten your yard. 

Whether it is a boat, yard, RV, or other spaces, LED lights are always the best option for brightening your evening and set the mood for memorable experiences. This article will discuss some fantastic ideas on how to hang your LED rope lights and where to hang them. 

Where Should You Hang Your LED Rope Light? 

Before buying a set of LED rope lights or more for your home or yard, it is essential first to consider where you will hang them. Will you line them on your cabinets to illuminate your kitchen at night, or will you hang them in your backyard to enable fun night activities? 

You can also get some LED rope lights for RV or trailer to create a romantic, aesthetic, and fun ambiance around your campsite. To do this, you will need an LED rope light track. It is advised that you check out your rope light size before getting light tracks for it. This is because they come in varying sizes. 

Using exterior LED rope lights will also bring in a beautiful ambiance to your garden, deck, patio, and even your driveway to illuminate the space and deliver a familiar home feeling when you come back at night. So, it is essential to consider all these options for hanging your LED rope lights, either indoors or outdoor, before you get the lights. 

How to Hang Your LED Rope Lights 

Once you have decided where to hang your rope lights, it is essential to measure the space before you go to buy the lights. Doing this will allow you to know the exact size and length of lights you need to get. 

After getting the light, the next consideration is how to hang it. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to help you do this: 

Step 1 – Measure the space you wish to illuminate. 

Step 2 – Get rope lights that suit the measurements you have taken. 

Step 3 – Cut the lights according to the shape and measurement of the surface. You can also connect multiple ropes if there is a need for that. 

Step 4 – Connect your rope clips to the surface where you wish to hang the lights. You can use screws for this. 

Step 5 – Clip the lights to the hook that you have mounted. 

There are many decorative ideas you could try out while mounting LED rope lights in or outside your home, depending on your taste and the surface where you wish to mount the lights. Whichever idea you wish to try, though, the steps that have been highlighted above will serve you effectively.

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