Without chemical reactors, chemicals will not be reacting the way they do. And, we will not be able to work with things like nuclear power that we need daily. But what do we really know about chemical reactors? Is this something that we really need to know about?

Those that are working with chemical reactors know everything there is to know about these reactors. This is because of the courses and certificates that they have. Even if we don’t need to know more about reactors, it is still interesting to know more about chemical reactors, the different types of reactors, and why this is so important to us.

What are chemical reactors

Chemical reactors are the containers where the chemical reactions are taking place. Without these reactors, chemical reactions can’t take place, or can’t take place correctly.

The whole process of the reactions between chemicals can’t take place if it isn’t in the right container, with the right amount of heat. It all just depends on the type of chemicals that are used inside the container, to know which reactor you going to need.

These are the different types of chemical reactors that you can use for successful chemical reactions.

Batch reactors

The most common reactor that is being used at industrial companies in the batch reactors. The reactants are placed in a test-tube, flask, or beakers. If needed it is getting heated as well. The finished chemical after the reaction took place, are stored in a different compartment.

The one reason why so many companies, especially industrial companies are making use of batch reactors is that these reactors are available in different sizes. To be able to fit the need of different companies. A great example of industries making use of batch reactors is colorant production companies and margarine companies.

Continuous reactors

A great alternative to batch reactors, there are continuous reactors. It is designed in a completely different way and is a process that is continuing without stopping. If the process in the reactor stop, the whole production in the company comes to a stand-still.

There is only one inlet for chemicals that are going through another outlet after the chemical reaction took place. This is where only one reactor is needed by combining with water. There are a couple of different continues reactors available:

  • Tubular reactors
  • Fixed bed reactors
  • Fluid bed reactors

The type of continuous reactor that is going to be used will depend on the requirements needed for the chemical reactors.

The use of heat exchangers

With most of the chemical reactors, there will be a type of heat exchanger available to heat the chemicals to get the finished result. That without the heat exchanger, the reaction will not take place, and the whole production will fail.

This is why it is so important to know exactly what type of chemical reactor you will need, and what type of heat source you are going to make use of. You also need to know the temperature requirements for the chemicals that you are going to use, to create the right reaction. Something that needs research and expertise.

Chemical reactors. Without these, there will not be any chemical reactions available in the industrial and manufacturing companies. It will be harder to produce the right product, at the right temperature. You can’t just use any container or even not use any reactor. You will need to use the right reactor according to the chemical reaction’s requirements. It’s why research is so important beforehand.

To make sure that you know as much about chemical reactors as possible before you purchase reactors for your new industrial business. Chemical reactor maintenance is extremely dangerous and must only be performed by specialist catalyst handling and reactor services professionals.