Description | Lucinda Tudawali


We can see the market flooded with a variety of beautifully decorated cupcakes. Some of them are so cute that you just do not want to bite them. One trend among these cupcake designs is the Unicorn cupcakes. These lovely multi-coloured cupcakes have created a special place in hearts of cupcake lovers whether they are kids or adults.

Unicorn design adds that special magic and mystery to the cupcakes and make them the favourite of all. That colourful horn or mane adds that magical touch to the cupcake. Let us take a look at the way by which you can make unicorn cupcakes by yourself. You can choose any flavour to your cake; I prefer vanilla as it is my favourite flavour. 

Step 1

The first thing, to begin with, is to prepare unicorn horns. Take fondant and roll a long snake-like string of it. Now, paint or spray it with gold or silver edible food paint. Now, let it dry. Once the string dries, fold it and make it into two strings. Now, you will have two rows of the fondant lying parallel to each other. Now, twist the attached ends of the strings till the twists reach the end. Cut the twisted strings into the length of the unicorn you want (roughly around 1 inch). After cutting, pinch the top layer of the pieces by gently twisting it into the point of horn. If you want, you can pain another coat of food colour and let it dry for a while in a cool place to get the desired shape. 

Step 2

Now, roll the fondant into a sheet and using one end of the oval cookie cutter, cut unicorn faces to make a fat horse-face shape. Now, you want unicorn’s ear. You can cut them from the fondant sheet or use mini marshmallows as I used. I had cut the marshmallow diagonally into two parts, creating two triangles. 

Now, you need to prepare your piping bags. You can use as many colours you want and create your cupcakes. I chose buttercream frosting and used aqua, white, lavender, light pink and orange colour for the unicorn mane. 

Step 3

Place the unicorn face fondant onto your cupcake. If your cupcake is a bit puffed up, then place the narrow part of the “face” at the top of the cupcake and the wider part of the face at the base by the liner. It should create the shape and height of a horse face. Now, draw those beautiful unicorn eyes using an edible ink food marker.  

Step 4

Now, you need to begin piping the mane. You can try making tuft of hair hanging down on the unicorn’s face. You can choose to experiment with the mane’s appearance as per your choice. 

After completing the piping of your mane, add the horns and ears to each of the unicorns and Voila! Your unicorn cupcakes are ready.