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Essential oils are made of entirely natural ingredients mostly used for Ayurvedic medicines from the last 1000 years. Out of all the essential oils, the lemon essential oil is one of the most easily recognized oil because of its energizing and refreshing scent. Lemon oil can be used for so many purposes, from natural whitening of teeth, household cleaner and launder to a mind refreshing and killing of various harmful viruses and bacteria in a human body. This oil comes from a slight pressing of the lemon peel and not from the inner portion. According to various researchers, it has been seen that lemon oil kills diphtheria bacteria in about 20 minutes. Moreover, it is considered perfect for killing germs in waiting rooms, schools and hospital rooms. 

Following are some of the other Uses of lemon essential oil on the body:

  1. Help you breathe easier and soothe a sore throat

Lemon essential oil is a great home remedy for sore throat. As lemon oils contain Vitamin C, it helps to kill the bacteria in your throat and makes a person breathe easily. You just need to gargle by adding two drops of lemon oil in half-filled cup of water with some sort of diffuser. By adding a diffuser with oil, you will feel relaxed in your throat as well as in your mind.


  1. Make your skin healthier

Lemon essential oil helps in reducing acne by nourishing the damaged skin cells on our body and hydrating your skin. Due to strong antioxidants, it removes the dead cells from the skin. Just add a few drops of the oil to your skincare routine and feel the change in your body. Moreover, to reduce the oily glance on your body just need to apply the lemon essential oil on the oily part. The only thing to remember while using lemon essential oil is to apply the oil at night or wait at least 12 hours before getting in the direct contact of sunlight.


  1. Purify the Body

Lemon essential oil is an excellent stimulant of the body’s own immune system. It has a significant impact on the blood cell by which it prevents the flu to attach the body easily. According to the report in the year 2016, animal study has found out that it reduces the oxidative stress in the body. To enhance the immune support, just need to add a few drops of oil with coconut oil and rub it at your back, especially neck.

Usage of Lemon essential oil on household goods:

  1. The lemon essential oil has a refreshing smell which makes it the most preferred oil among other essential oils. It helps to snuff the stinky smell from various places and leave a mind refreshing scent over there.
  2. Lemon oil helps to clean the wood and make it feel like a new one. Just need to mix olive oil with lemon essential oil and use a spray bottle to sprinkle it on the wooden material in a circular motion.
  3. It helps to vanish the musky smell from the clothes when the clothes are left sitting in the washer for too long. Just spray or add 30 drops of oil in the washing machine.
  4. Lemon essential oil is an excellent home remedy in relation to household use as it can be used as a homemade dishwasher that would be chemical-free. Just take an orange and mix it with oil.

CAUTION: The information in this article is based solely on the use of 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils due to their high quality and tested purity.