The construction industry is changing due to the advancement of equipment used in the field. When diamond saw was launched some few decades ago, it was primarily used in cutting stones in quarries sites. But today, due to its versatility, it has become part and parcel of the construction industry. Aside from diamond wire saw, there are different types of machines. But in a situation that deals with cutting massive size structures, diamond wire sawing delivers excellent results.

So, before we delve into different areas where diamond wire saws can be used for construction projects, let’s briefly discuss how the machine operates.  

How does the diamond wire saw works?

There are a lot of similarities between the diamond wire saw, reciprocating saw, and band saw. One of the differences between the diamond wire saw and the traditional saw is their cutting methods. Rather than using saw teeth for cutting steel or slab, the diamond wire saw uses abrasion to cut through reinforced steel and slab effectively. The fact that the machine works at a high-intensity level means it will generate a lot of heat. So, it is advisable that before putting it to use, you should ensure there is a constant flow of water to cool the machine whenever it gets hot. 

Furthermore, specialized cutting fluids can be applied to smoothen the machine’s operation without water and oil.

Why use a diamond wire saw?

Most construction companies are now turning to diamond wire saw to solve their cutting needs because of their versatility and capacity to cut any material faster and more efficiently than traditional cutting methods. The machine is highly efficient and produces less waste than conventional teeth-like blade saw machines. Diamond wire saw machines are available in different sizes, and their capacity also differs. 

In addition, the machine is relatively clean, fumeless, and makes less noise, making it suitable for usage in sensitive environments such as scientific laboratories and hospitals. The diamond wire saw is preferable to conventional cutting methods because it consumes a minimal workforce to operate optimally.

Areas where diamond wire saw can be deployed

The machine can be used in cutting hard concrete surfaces on construction sites. Other areas where it can be used include:

  • For cutting horizontal and vertical structures
  • Demolition projects 
  • For dismantling large steel structures, especially at mining sites
  • Effectively cuts heavy and thick concretes structures such as factory floors, jetties, bridges, and dams.  
  • It is suitable for cutting in restrictive and sensitive areas 
  • Cut through embedded steels and heavy rebar 
  • Efficient for cutting structures in a circular pattern. 


Final thought 

The usage of diamond wire saw has changed the cutting pattern, especially in the construction industry. Instead of using the traditional and time-consuming cutting method, switching to a diamond wire saw is a better idea. Diamon wire saw has a better cutting precision, less workforce, and is environmentally friendly than traditional cutting blade machines. 

Also, to ensure the safety of the machine and operator, it is advisable to make available preventive measures such as water and other specialized oil to cool the machine whenever it gets hot.  

In addition, the versatility of the machine makes it outstanding. It can be used in the construction field and sensitive areas such as clinics or laboratories.  

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