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Video Sanctuary is a video encryption software which will help you protect your video from unauthorized distribution. With this tool, you can encrypt various types of video or audio files (e.g., mpeg,mpg,wmv,avi,.mov,mp4,.vob,mp3,wav,.au,midi,wma,asf,aiff and other media files).
You can encrypt video or audio file using this software with password, this will produce an exe file and users can only play the encrypted media files after obtaining the Play Password provided by you. When a user tries to play that video, Exe will ask the playback Password to play that video, this password is unique for every machine, this also will generate a Unique ID for that Machine.
When a user wants to play an encrypted file, the encrypted file will pop up a dialog box to request the user to enter a Play Password. This dialog box will display the machine ID of the user’s computer. The user can send his/her own machine ID to you, and you can create a Play Password based on the user’s machine ID. After that the user can use this Play Password to play your file on his/her computer. This will protect redistribution of video file.









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● Advanced Functionality
● Built in advanced algorithm
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● Friendly User Interface
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● Multi-threading functionality
● Huge File Encryption capacity
● New Encryption Algorithm
● High security level
● Many functionalities
● Comes with lots of options
● Works on all Windows OS
● Very effective encryption
● Supports all popular video formats
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Video Sanctuary [32|64bit]


Version: 2.0

File Type: Zip, EXE

Developer: N/A

License: Trial

License Key: N/A

N/A license key added.



by: Derek Brown

on: 2007/09/15 17:07

All I would have to do is get a copy of the video, edit, and delete the audio file and it would be a copy.

by: Derek Brown

on: 2007/09/15 17:28

Nope, the.exe won’t run on any other computer without the original video file.

by: Praveen

on: 2007/09/15 17:35

hello! where can i download the Free Licence version of this product..

by: vishnu varavalli

on: 2007/09/15 20:21



on: 2007/09/15 23:18


by: Munishwar

on: 2007/09/16 10:50

I am just wondering to know that can I download the free trial version and then use it for 2 months..or can I download the full version and then later on use the trial version?

by: Ravi

on: 2007/09/16 11:22

Hi, any trial version of video


by: Babu

on: 2007/09/16 12:02

this is fantastic. it will prevent software pirates from downloading encrypted copies.

by: Mark

on: 2007/09/16 13:25

hi,anyway to encrypt the videos while making, its recoding..if so can anybody help me?

by: karupan

on: 2007/09/16 15:22

that’s all I want to do!!!

by: Jayashri

on: 2007/09/16 16:04

can i get a free version of this?

by: vishnu varavalli

on: 2007

What’s New in the?

* Introduction:

– Machine ID: This ID is unique for every computer. If you provide this id, you can determine the computer which is trying to play the encrypted file. If you need to encrypt and to play the file from other computer, you should provide the Machine ID of that computer.
– Play Password: This password will be used to play the encrypted file on your computer.
* How to use the tool:

– Run the tool and click on the Encrypt button to encrypt the video or audio file. This exe file will be created.
– Double click on the exe file to play the encrypted file. To decrypt the file, click on the Decrypt button and provide the Play Password. This will play the file on the user’s computer.

You can also directly upload your video or audio file to our server to be encrypted.

– Requirements:

– Microsoft Windows system
– Run this exe file on the computer
– Note: This tool is designed for video and audio file. If your file is other media file, such as image file, you may need other tools such as Ms Paint to compress the file and to convert the file.
– Exe file: v2.0.exe
* Product Version:

* Copyright:

© 2002-2007 &
This product is a free software which is distributed according to the GNU General Public License version 2.0. The software is available for free on the following web site:

You can contact the author of this software for more information.

Practice does not always make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect.

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