Do you want smooth, straight makeup? Smooth straight hair can help you get a modern, fresh and professional look.

As hair straightening Gordon products, the following are some of our favorite smoothing and straightening therapies, which can provide you with a more fashionable look without affecting the health of your hair. These treatments are incredible when fighting the humid environment we encounter on the North Shore.

Keratin smoothing
Keratin smoothing and straightening therapy can provide you with semi-permanent straightening, while strengthening the hair and preventing damage by adding keratin to the hair. Keratin is naturally found in hair and nails. Keratin care helps to eliminate frizz and add a sweet luster.

Due to its excellent effects, this treatment has been popular for some time. Since keratin treatment is semi-permanent, the effect will gradually disappear after washing the hair.

Extension relaxation therapy can reorganize hair follicles on a microscopic level, almost the same way as re-bonding, but will not cause damage related to re-bonding. Similarly, compared to relaxation therapy, stretching relaxation therapy can make your hair fuller.

Stretch Stretching care makes you look smooth and straight but natural.

Unlike keratin therapy, extension therapy is permanent, and its effect will only gradually disappear as the hair grows. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you can enjoy up to one year of extensor treatment.

Deep smoothing
The advantage of deep smoothing is that they are the most affordable of the three smoothing/straightening treatments listed in this article.

These treatments are not permanent. The more times you wash, the treatments will start to lose their effectiveness. However, depending on the product used, this treatment can provide amazing, smooth and smooth results for a variety of different hair types and textures.

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