We are gradually nearing the end of summer once again, and the cold days of winter, which are also shorter than summer days, are quickly coming upon us. For many people, winter days are when they have to spend more time indoors because of the cold outside, among other reasons. Frankly, some people prefer the longer and brighter summer days. This is because it allows them to get involved in many activities and catch all the fun they want. However, winter is inevitable, and we must all get to it. So, it is always best to focus on enjoying the last few summer days as we prepare for the coming season. You can also focus on keeping some of the things that can help you cherish your summer memories long into winter. One of such things is your flip flops. 

Of course, there are barely a few other fashion items that scream summer better than slipping on a pair of flip flops. You can bet that taking yours into the winter season will help you remember those beautiful winter memories you made with loved ones. The rubber sandal that often comes in a thong form is a versatile choice for summer fashion. It is perfect for a picnic in the park, going for a swim at the beach, and any other summer activity you can think of. Interestingly, this fantastic fashion piece can also offer great value in winter. All you have to do is wear a pair of socks before slipping on them, and you are good to go. 

While in search of the best ways to help you enjoy the feeling of summer a bit longer, we checked out what some famous style-savvy people on Instagram are saying about Havaianas flip flops. Read on to discover some of them. 

Dominic Grizelle (griztriz) 

According to Dominic, comfort should be everything in fashion. It does not matter if you are casually stepping out to the beach or aiming to slay; confidence and convenience should go hand-in-hand. 

Custom made flip flops inspire him to escape with creativity. He does this by putting his name over a water body to keep his head above water levels. Dominic also says that DIY projects offer him an excellent meditative route to escape all his craziness in recent times. 

Ullly Correa (ullycorrea) 

Ully says there is a culture of customizing Havaianas among most women in Brazil. The women use these Havaianas with various beads and rhinestones on the straps. She used wool in customizing hers. She also used yarn to make a base so that it can be very fluffy. Finally, she put a shag over it to make the footwear very soft. 

Ruddy Trobrillants (trobillants) 

According to Ruddy, at first, many people thought Havaianas was only a flip flop brand. But then, the brand offers everything you could ever need during summer. One thing that stands out for the brand is that they are very creative, and they know exactly how to bring the fun. So, you do not have to worry about making complicated choices. Just go for what is most comfortable, and you are right. 


One of the things that people love most about summer is that they can finally wear the most straightforward fashion items without worrying about the cold. It also allows them to enjoy so much outdoor fun that they will live to remember for long. This article has discussed what some top creative people on Instagram think about Havaianas flip flops and how it helps them keep their summer memories long into winter.