Vans are among the most adaptable rental cars you can find and may be utilised for a variety of purposes. Moving Van hires are always a great choice, regardless of whether you’re moving, shifting offices, or need it for business-related reasons.

You might believe that hiring a moving van is as simple as visiting a depot and selecting one, but there is a little more involved. Perhaps this explains why people are often hesitant to rent a van because they think it would be excessively expensive or difficult. There are several suggestions, nevertheless, that can make the procedure simpler for you.

We’ll go over several important factors in this article that you should think about before hiring a moving van. These are a few of them:


Even though the minimum age to drive is 17, most automobile rental companies won’t let you hire a moving van if you’re under the age of 23. For drivers under the age of 25, many businesses also levy a young driver surcharge. Companies might prefer a more experienced driver behind the wheel because vans are trickier to drive than the typical passenger car.

Another important consideration is that people under the age of 24 are typically involved in traffic accidents, making them high-risk consumers.

All that is needed to operate a van under 3.5 tones is an ordinary driver’s license (other than age appropriate). There are no set requirements; however the car rental company must have a history of traffic violations. You can print a driver’s license summary with all pertinent information from government websites.

Size of the moving Van

Vans are frequently the vehicle of choice for a variety of purposes due to their adaptability. Therefore, carefully choosing which one to adopt is crucial.

The size of the moving van you require should be taken into account first. You might assume that bigger is always better when it comes to vans, but even the tiniest van cab has a respectable amount of payload.


Check your credit card coverage and home insurance to see if you are protected.

Every moving van hire comes with basic insurance that primarily serves to safeguard the rental agency. You might need to ask for the extra coverage they’ll give you if you want more coverage.

Only the drivers listed in the rental agreement may drive; anyone else will not be covered by insurance. Depending on the size and kind of the vehicle you rent, additional drivers may be appointed for a price.

Driving experience

Most people who hire a moving van are only accustomed to operating automobiles. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that pickup trucks provide extremely different challenges both on and off-road. You must first keep in mind that you will be riding in a considerably larger vehicle than usual and adjust your navigation accordingly. Additionally, excessive loads might influence handling, acceleration, and braking, so be sure to adhere to the weight restrictions as stated when renting.


Finally, van parking can become a problem for those who are unfamiliar with it. Mini-vans can be parked like cars, but things get a little trickier when it comes to larger vehicles. It’s always worth bringing someone who can get out of the car and guide you through the space.

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