Earth has massive land coverage, and land surveys only provide us with an insight which helps us understand the same. Though there are several surveys but boundary surveys are one of the most common types of land surveys which play an essential role in the society.

What is the Boundary Survey?

These are the surveys which demarcate the boundaries of a piece of land by providing proper description about it.  This description involves setting such marks or monuments along the lines which demarcate the piece of land. Any material such as iron rod, concrete blocks etc. can be used as a stick or a stone while conducting the boundary survey.

Following the same, a map is drawn, which ultimately represents the location of these markers and boundaries of the land. If the material has been worn out due to any reason, then, the land surveyors should opt for other boundary surveys.

What are they used for?

These surveys serve several purposes, but they are especially helpful to property business to establish the extent of land. Also, they are equally important when you have to add a particular part to your house, i.e. fences, shed, landscape etc.

Though boundary surveys are beneficial and inexpensive, they are not preferred in large commercial projects. Instead, the ALTA survey method is chosen.

These surveys are highly advisable when you are buying a new house to verify that you are really getting the amount of land that has been mentioned in the documents. This will ensure that you are in fact the rightful owner but can also clarify whether state or local regulations have imposed any restrictions on the property.

What does it involve?

When this survey is opted for, an authorised surveyor not only conducts a background check on the property but for the boundaries as well. The documents that are usually checked by the surveyor are the Registry of Deeds, county commissioner office, town offices and more.

After examining the paperwork, the surveyor also checks the land mentioned in the documents. This is done to verify the boundaries of the land. And in the final stage, a report compiling both the research words is made. If the land surveyor feels any changes to be done to the boundary, they are done by placing a new monument, and it is also mentioned in the legal report, and hence a map is created as per the report.

How much does it cost?

However, the cost of such surveys usually varies depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case. Some factors which influence the cost are the size, terrain, vegetation and location of the land parcel. The cost of surveys also depends upon the ongoing season. However, the exact price can never be determined before such a survey begins.