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In today’s computer age, companies often create an online niche to stay aloft in their operation. With the changing business environment, relying on brick-and-mortar stores to carry out business operations is no longer feasible. A company can transact deals beyond their demography with a profile on the internet, thus increasing their market share. Part of the marketing strategy used by most companies is to create an online directory. However, the online directory can be very tedious to carry out and cost enormous money. 

But the good thing about an online directory is that it improves company visibility over the internet, especially when it relates to search engine optimization.

What are online directories?

Online business directories are programmed to display a company’s details like contact line, logo, and address. In most cases, online directories show information directly linked to a company website address, making it convenient for clients to locate a business without much hassle. 

Types of online directories 

There are two categories of online directories a company can incorporate: local and niche citations.

  • Local citations for SEO

There are a lot of local citations on the internet. Some are well known, like Foursquare, Mapquest, YellowPages, Google My Business, Bing for Business, among a host of other available local directories. However, there is no point in listing your business across the board. All you need is to ensure that you list your company profile on directories capable of improving your visibility and strengthening your SEO brand position.


  • Niche Citations for SEO

Just as the name implies, “NICHE.” It is an online directory that is designed to serve a particular industry. For instance, directories Findlaw,, and Avvo are examples of directories used mainly by legal firms. 

Why you should sign up your business for online directories


  • Consistency in business information


Having your business listed on an online business listing will improve the visibility of your business on the internet. Having widespread visibility will send a solid signal to Google, which qualifies your business to be easily located on Google map. The benefit here is that your customers will find it easy to identify your company on a single search. However, if you change your business address, you must ensure it reflects on all directories your business is associated with. It will be a bad experience for your customers not to meet you at your designated address which may harm your reputation.



  • Generating referral leads


Most business owners shy away from registering their companies to an online directory because of the low lead it generates. However, top niche directories have continued to demonstrate that directories can be banked upon for generating leads. Therefore, if you want your business to become top rank on an online search engine, you should add your business to top niche directories. In most cases, the only requirement from top niche directories is that you will be required to pay a premium package or top spot to qualify to be on their respective directories. This arrangement is excellent for businesses that are not doing well on search engine ranking.


The more the business environment changes, the more effort you should put into your business to stay ahead of the park. Either your business is existing or new, you need to create awareness beyond your physical environment. With online free business directories, you can expand your business operation, garner clients, and retain existing ones. 

Online directories make it easy for your business to become more invisible and improve your rating on search engine optimization.