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While hiring a moving truck, the foremost thing to be considered is the size of the truck. It is essential to pay attention to the size of the truck is to be able to take all the necessary items in one go. Another major thing to consider while selecting the moving truck is not to pay extra money for the space which won’t be used, especially for long-distance travelling.

The size of the truck also depends on the number of people travelling because the trucks usually provide a seating capacity of 3 people. Still, there are some trucks which provide extra seating, but on the other hand, they also need special driving licenses.

If you are unable to figure out the size of the truck, you can also take advice from the company from whom you are renting the truck by giving them measurements of your load. Some companies even provide all the details of their trucks on their website, which can be accessed to have enhanced knowledge.

Also, there are three basic types of trucks which can be rented depending upon your needs and budget. These are:


  • Small trucks- These trucks are usually 10-12 feet in length. These types of trucks are recommended for shifting belongings from one mid-size apartment to another. They are apt for people who live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment and are ready for two trips with ample help. The general capacity of such trucks is 1-3000pounds or 400-450 cubic feet of possessions. Also, they can carry five or lesser pieces of furniture or 50 or fewer boxes only. So it would help if you chose them wisely. 
  • Medium trucks- These trucks range from 14-17 feet in length. These are a good option for those who ideally live in a small house. They are recommended for people who are moving out of a small house of more than 1200 sq. ft. and don’t have a lot of stuff to move around. They are perfect for moving things from a two-bedroom house. These trucks usually have the capacity of 3000-4500 pounds or 650-850 cubic feet of possession and have the capacity to carry ten or fewer pieces of furniture or 100 or fewer boxes. 
  • Large trucks-  These trucks range from 20-24 feet in length and are a perfect option for moving stuff of an average-sized or three-bedroom house which if furnished moderately. It is so because then you will need every inch of space of the large truck. 


However, there are even larger trucks, but in case you need those, it is highly recommended that you hire a moving truck company because not everyone will have a license to drive those trucks. So the truck you choose depends upon the needs and stuff that is to be moved to the new place.

Also, the truck size to choose depends upon several other questions which need to be answered before hiring a truck. These questions are as follows:

  1. How big your current house is and how big will be your new home in comparison to the old one?
  2. How many items you need to move and the moving capacity of the truck?
  3. How much space will your items take up in the truck when it comes to moving stuff in terms of volume?
  4. How far do you have to move your belongings?

These questions are essential to answer so that you can make a deal with the moving companies. Also, it is a general recommendation that if you are unable to decipher the right truck to your needs, then you should always hire the larger truck so that you can always carry your things without any problem and multiple trips. 

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