We all want to own a home with large spaces and beautiful scenery. These qualities can be found in the description of most people’s dream homes. This is because an ample space offers room for many activities and allows you to add various facilities that can improve the beauty of your home. A home with ample space for families with children offers a convenient playing environment and an opportunity for you and your kids to engage in diverse activities.

Well, if you are among that percentage who wants your dream home to have the qualities mentioned above, then you desire an acreage home. An acreage home is a home that offers ample outdoor space for various activities. Acquiring an acreage home requires considering specific factors, and this article will highlight some essential factors.

Things to Consider in Acreage Homes

As mentioned earlier, there are more factors to consider besides the ample space that acreage homes offer. These factors ensure you get the best possible living lifestyle an acreage home has to offer. They include:

  1. The Home Builder: if you want to use custom home builders to design your dream home, you need to ensure that the builder has the needed requirements and experience associated with designing acreage homes. Hence, take the time to review the builders’ portfolio and works.
  2. Access to services and additional costs: Services in this context imply the utility services you will need in your home, ranging from water to power supply. You and your builder need to consider the best possible means your home can access essential services needed in the home and the costs involved. In some cases, you may need to install facilities that can offer you those needed services because it is more cost-effective than obtaining from the service system near your home.
  3. Bushfire zone and wind rating requirements: You need to consider your home’s location while considering factors like bushfire and wind rating. These factors can influence the design of your home. If your home is located in a bushfire-prone area or a windy area, then you will need to use unique design methods and materials on your home.
  4. Vehicle access to your site: Consider how accessible the site is by a vehicle when designing because it influences the home’s positioning and other specific features. A convenient access way is necessary for both you and your construction workers.
  5. Floorplan and exterior aesthetics: Yes, acreage plots offer ample space; thus, any floorplan design can be fitted into the plot. However, the trait of excellent acreage homes is how well they maximize their surrounding. Hence, you need to consider the plot’s external aesthetics and how well it will improve your home when designing your floor plan. You want to optimize the home’s visibility so every aesthetic detail of the home can be well pronounced.
  6. Orientation and views: The merit of acreage homes is you get to choose every little detail needed for the design. By default, the orientation of every building is that the entrance is positioned north. However, you can get to choose how you want the rooms to face while considering the changing weather. You have the liberty to position your room, so you do not experience the scorching heat of the summer’s sun.


Acreage homes have many advantages, but you can only enjoy these advantages when you know the essential factors to consider in the design of acreage homes. Luckily, these factors have been highlighted in this article.