Beautifying homes by growing and maintaining green grass in the front yard has been a long-time practice amongst savvy homeowners who are in tune with societal trends and know a thing about fashion. Indeed, cultivating lush green grass in front of your home can do a lot to enhance its look and add a uniquely exotic appearance to the house. This is little why more homeowners have gotten interested in this beautifying hack today and are using it for their homes. 

Unfortunately, however, some people wish to adopt the idea of installing green grass in front of their yard, but it is barely possible for them. This could be for several reasons. They probably do not have the time to care for the grass adequately, live in a water-restricted area, or are tired of the stress that comes with caring for their lawn. Whatever it is, however, installing an artificial lawn in your yard is a solution that can work. Moreover, this solution is becoming popular in recent times, and more people are adopting it. This article will examine why it is so. Read on to discover more exciting information. 

What does Artificial Grass Entail? 

As its name implies, Fake grass is a type of faux grass made with filaments, sewn into a backing that allows water to pass through. The backing is then placed on a drainage layer and attached to the border. Afterward, it is filled with sand or recycled crumb rubber to prevent it from being blown away by a stiff breeze. 

In recent times, artificial grass has been made from polythene, polyethylene, or nylon that is colored to resemble various grass species. 

Some Benefits of Artificial Grass that is Growing its Popularity 

It Saves water: considering that this type of grass is artificially manufactured and installed, it does not require constant watering, like natural grass, to stay healthy and maintain its beautiful look. All you have to do is to buy the lawn, install it properly, and you are good to go. However, there are times when you might consider sprinkling water to cool its temperature, especially in hot weather. This is because it is made of plastic and can quickly get hot. 

It is Easier to Maintain: synthetic lawn is easier to maintain than naturally grown grass, which is another reason why it has become so popular. Of course, you have to hose off pet waste and blow off dry leaves and other debris from time to time. However, there is no need for seeding, edging, mowing, fertilizing, or other lawn maintenance activities that could be pretty draining. According to study reports, lawn care and maintenance take about 150 hours of the average home owner’s time every year. This is not going to be an issue for you with synthetic lawn. 

It can be Environmentally Friendly:  another good news about artificial lawn is that it aids in protecting our environment and keeping our ecosystem safe. This is because our regular daily plastic wastes can be recycled into beautiful synthetic grass for use at homes, offices, or anywhere. According to the Synthetic Turf Council, about 20 million rubber tires are kept out of landfills yearly, thanks to the idea of recycling them for artificial lawns. 


No doubt, using synthetic grass for lawns is becoming more popular in recent times. This article has studied some of the reasons why it is so.