Swimming pools are facilities that everyone wants to own. They are “marveling” and what makes them different from other facilities added to a building, no doubt other facilities are unique in their own right. Still, they do not offer the flexibility trait that a swimming pool offers. 

This article best explains why most want to own a swimming pool and ignore the costs involved in owning them by highlighting the benefits of owning a swimming pool.

Reasons People Want A Swimming Pool

These are some of the reasons many people ignore the costs involved in installing a swimming pool and constructing standard swimming pools in their homes:

  1. Privacy: Not everyone is a fan of paying money in resorts only to share the swimming pool with many others who paid to use the facility. Again, many are not comfortable exposing their bodies in a public swimming pool to avoid being body-shamed or the like. But with a private swimming pool, all these are avoided because you choose to share the pool with those you choose to share with, and you do not need to worry about people’s opinions.
  2. Relaxation: On the flexibility offered by the swimming pool in contrast to other facilities, swimming pools offer the flexibility of choosing any activity to relax during holidays, vacations, and leisure hours. The relaxation possibilities offered by a swimming pool are limited.
  3. Exercise: Swimming is a form of exercise, and when exercising, coaches will advise that consistency is key to seeing results. Hence, when swimming to burn calories and stay fit, it is more difficult when using a public swimming pool, but with your swimming pool, you get to maintain as much consistency as you want.
  4. Beauty and value: Your house can be beautiful without a swimming pool, but adding a swimming pool gives the house an improved appearance. This is because the house’s beauty will be appreciated more by many. Concerning value, swimming pools increase the value of the house. Houses are valued by the facilities they have. The addition of a swimming pool; increases the facilities in your home, thereby increasing the home’s value.
  5. Luxury: People who own swimming pools are viewed as people living the luxurious style. This is because they are aware of the cost it takes to install a swimming pool in your house, and the flexibility a swimming pool offers allows you to switch your activities to whatever luxury you desire.
  6. Save cost: I implore you to think of owning a swimming pool as a means of saving cost, where you get to spend more now, to spend less later. With your swimming pool, you worry less about spending more on public swimming pools where you do not get to enjoy the full experience of a swimming pool, and you are given limited time to spend at the pool.
  7. Risks: The COVID reminded us of how vulnerable we are to diseases when interacting more with many people. The risks of contracting a disease are higher at public pools than at your swimming pool.


It is okay to want a swimming pool, and this article has highlighted some of the basic reasons why it is okay and beneficial to own one for your personal or family use.