Get To Know About Essential Oils First

These are the compounds found in various natural things like seeds, flowers, roots, barks, stems and different other parts of the plant and have aromatic nature. They have much more in them than being just beautiful fragrances. The essential oil is regarded to have significant benefits in history as well. However, as the world is moving towards more unified and comprehensible ways to wellness, essential oils still proved to have significant health benefits.

DoTERRA oils have further proved to be the purest, and the safest forms of essential oils available in the market and the regular users of essential oil can feel the difference in quality and claim these to be most beneficial and effective.

Uses Of Essential Oils:


  • Aromatic– You can diffuse it in the room for the most pleasant smelling atmosphere.
  • Topical– You can give yourself a nice massage by directly applying it on your skin or mixing it with your moisturize.
  • Internal– You can consume it as a supplement.


Home Essentials Kit Contains

Essential Oil Singles (15ml)


  • FRANKINCENSE– It calms down the stress and relieves tension when inhaled with peppermint and lavender.  Anti-ageing in nature, it promotes healthy cellular functions too.
  • LAVENDER– Mix it with Epsom salt for relaxing bath experience. It will help in calming down the nervous system, heals the irritated skin and gives peace to your mind.  
  • LEMON– It helps in eradicating foul smells. Next time you sniff something undesirable, be sure to diffuse this one. Also, it helps in naturally cleaning the body, great in aiding digestion, detox the body and promotes a positive mindset too.
  • MELALEUCA– Popularly known as Green Tea, this works great for Razor burns. It can be applied aftershave to prevent skin irritation. It helps in skin purification and empowers you. 
  • PEPPERMINT– When a drop of Peppermint Oil is diluted with Fractioned Coconut Oil and is kept under the nose, it will support healthy breathing. In addition to that, it will help in focusing, settling down the upset tummy, great for headache and boosts energy inside you.
  • OREGANO– This one is best for immunity strengthening. It contains various antioxidants which help with skin issues and supports emotional flexibility. Moreover, it is a great ingredient to spice up the meals. 


Essential Oil Blends (15ml)


  • Deep Blue– Also known as ICE BLUE, this one’s is a soothing blend. If rubbed on muscles before and after exercise, it will help in enhancing workout. Also provides relaxation and self-acceptance.
  • Zen Gest– When rubbed on the tummy, it will help in better digestion, settles heat burns, rest the upset stomach, nausea, bloating and other similar problems.
  • Air /Breath– Keep this roll-on at your bedside, in your car or in your bag because respiratory blend helps in your breathing problems and energizes your mindset.
  • Onguard– This protective blend acts an antioxidant and protects the immune system.


Other Products Included


  • Essential oil booklet
  • Petal diffuser


After knowing all the benefits of this Home Essentials Kit, there should be no reason not to give a try to it at least once. Let us see what support you get when you order a kit for yourself.

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