What does it take to make a wedding cake taste divine? You have probably seen many aesthetically pleasing cakes, but what’s the use if it doesn’t taste good? Of course, options for wedding cake flavors are numerous, and the right one may primarily depend on the taste and preferences of the couples involved. 

Whether you are planning your wedding or someone else’s, with a bit of uncertainty when it comes to choosing flavors, then you have landed in the right place. Seeking advice from our best bakers, we are about to help you choose the best flavor for your wedding cake and some creative and delicious flavors you would want to try. So, if you are yet to decide about the perfect came flavor for your wedding, this article is here to guide you. 


The first thing you’d want to put into consideration is the baker you plan on using. Its one thing for their cakes to look good, but you also have to make sure it tastes good too. 

Choose a baker who understands your preferences and style enough for you to trust completely, at least so you don’t get your wedding cake ruined. 

If you don’t have a trusted baker yet, you can stop by a few bakeries to sample some of their products for the one you like the best. Once you have found that, you can look through some inspirational photos or recipes together and whip up your dream wedding cake. 


The best flavors to pick for your wedding cake should be the ones you enjoy the most. Go with your favorite flavors or a mix of flavors by incorporating the one your partner wants to. 

During the tasting, you don’t necessarily need to rack your brain for the perfect blend. Your baker should have a menu of delicious flavor pairings and combos that should work well, and it is up to you and your partner to decide which ones you love; after all, the best cakes are always devoured to the ground. You can also choose options for fillings and icing on the cake based on your baker’s suggestion. 

If you and your spouse-to-be have a wide disparity in flavor preferences, you can at least compromise on a flavor(s) that would satisfy you both. 


If you are still torn after tasting and sampling different flavors and fillings, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Texture 
  • Scent: If a combo doesn’t smell good together, the odds are, they won’t taste good together either. 
  • other options like size, number of layers, etc. 

Here are some popular wedding cake flavors and fillings:

  • Banana coconut mocha
  • Dark chocolate match with berries 
  • Coffee and cognac
  • Strawberry and pink peppercorns. 


If you and your future spouse still can’t compromise on a flavor, then you can ask your baker to make a layer of the cake in each of your preferred flavors and fillings; that way, everyone has a taste of what they love! Surely, the cake flavor tips that have been discussed in this article will offer a lot of value to you and the love of your life on your big day. Congratulations! 

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